PropellerAds review

Why You Should Consider PropellerAds as Your Last Option

Recently I wrote an article on PropellerAds – how to earn money on PropellerAds now after a month of using PropellerAds and getting an abusive experience notice from Google (Chrome) I decided to remove PropellerAds from my website.

After I got rejected from Google Adsense just like any other publisher I started researching on Google Adsense alternatives and came across PropellerAds. The major benefit of Propellerads was there were no checklist to get ads to publish on your blog. I started using PropellerAds and at the same time I’ve made few content changes and resubmitted to Google Adsense. This time the Adsense got approved. Now I had the earning potential from both advertisers.

Introducing Multitags in PropellerAds:
The multitag was a piece of code which you can add to your website code which in turn shows ads in the format of popups, push notifications, redirection of link click to new ad pages etc. In this format the ad redirection to new page of clicking any links (including article links) on your page is considered as one of the most crucial abusive user experience.

Google Chrome Abusive Experience Notice from Google

After getting the notice from Google on Abusive experience I removed the PropellerAds code and now no abusive issues were found by Google.

No Abusive Issues Found