Mammotty Narasimham Court scene

Narasimham Mammootty Court Dialogue Lyrics

Mammotty as Nandagopal Marar in Mohanlal starring Narasimham movie dialogue lyrics:

മൂടി വെക്കാം വളച്ചൊടിക്കാം..പക്ഷെ ഒരു നാൾ ഒരിടത്തതു പുറത്തു വരും Mr. Superintendent of Police. Shall I remind you something It is quiet unbecoming an officer. I pity you for the dirty game you’ve played in this case that of a manipulator. A police officer is the post to be the watch dog of justice and a servant of the society. But instead you behaved like a barking mad dog to wreck vengeance against to your family enemy. A law bearing citizen and an ex judicial officer who always gave predominant consideration for his office than any personal relationship or any personal bondage. By incriminating such a pious and loyal soul you have proved, that you are ashamed to the total police force of the country your owner .
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This is considered as one of the mass dialogues of the actor Mammotty.