Monetizing Low Traffic Blogs in 2021

Worried about your low traffic website? or do you own a blog platform which is rejected by Google Adsense? Having a lyrical website is hard to get accepted by Adsense without unique content, so here’s the Google Adsense alternative for your low traffic website – PropellerAds!


How to make money using PropellerAds?

Signup to PropellerAds and link you website now you can earn money through

  1. Direct Link: You’ll get as much as direct link which you can add as hyperlink or url for images. These urls will be directed to an advertisement page like the hyperlink of “Direct Link” text.
Dashboard of PropellerAds

2. Create Zones and add to website to show advertisements. For WordPress you can achieve this using PropellerAds plugin

3. Referral Program: As a basic user you can get 5% commission for all your referee earning.

4. Ambassador: Like referral program you can also join for ProperllerAds ambassador program to earn a decent commission.