Google Adsense approval after rejection

How I got Approval from Google AdSense after Rejection

I got rejected from Google AdSense in my first attempt to monetize my lyrical blog. I created 70+ posts and applied for AdSense but from the Google point of view all these posts are similar to already existing lyrical website.

So I started looking for Google AdSense alternative and found PropellerAds as best choice (thought it was good) since it doesn’t have any criteria like domain age, content quality etc. to get ads for monetizing your website. At the same time I was working on my existing posts to make it unique.

I’ve added a paragraph before the lyrics of a song/poem. I wrote it myself so that it’ll be unique and different from other already existing blog posts/websites.

After resubmitting the AdSense request I got approved from Google AdSense. If you got rejected from Google AdSense just check out their guidelines and find out why you got rejected. FIX it and reapply. You’ll definitely get approval. Wish you the best.

Here’s why I removed PropellerAds and why you should consider it as your last chance for moentization.