Mystery Shopping

Freelance jobs — Mystery Shopping with Bare International

Those who are interested in role play love this job. Are you the one looking for a freelance job which you can do as a homemaker, or a student or someone looking for an extra income? Then mystery shopping is for you. to know more about mystery shopping visit Wikipedia

What does a Mystery Shopper do?

Execute a screenplay given by the company in their branch of shops near to you. For example if they ask you to check customer service of KFC at your place you are supposed to go their and do verify that you went there using Geo verification app then interact with the sales person as a customer and report your experience with your manager (the person who assigned you the job via phone/email).

But why?

Because every company focuses on improving customer services.

Mystery Shopper Application

1. Visit

Bare International mystery shopping agency website
Bare International mystery shopping agency website

2.  Click on “Evaluators” menu and click on become an evaluator

Become an evaluator
Become an evaluator

3. This will redirect you to a signup page

4. Complete the registration and fill out the enhanced profile

5. Apply for jobs under Job board

Mystery Shopper Salary

It depends, because you do a wide variety of mystery shopping ranges from interacting over a phone to visiting a shop or test driving a car or acting as a student who writes certification exams. In some cases they offer you an amount + reimbursable purchase cost within a limit. Sometimes you end up having a free pizza by doing a telephonic mystery shopping. In my experience in India the amount ranges from 200-1000.